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You Can’t Take It With You Auditions

Audition Dates:

Friday, February 3 @ 6 p.m.

Saturday, February 4 @ 2 p.m.

Sunday, February 5 @ 5 p.m.


Martin Vanderhof (Grandpa)     

The patriarchal head of the family, Grandpa is about seventy-five, a man whom the years have treated kindly. He made his peace with the world long ago. He does, however, have a long-standing “disagreement” with the Internal Revenue Service.


Penelope Sycamore

The daughter of Martin Vanderhof, Penelope is the fluttery, gentle lady of the house. She became a playwright when a typewriter was delivered to their house by mistake. She has spent much of her time writing works with titles such as Poison Gas.


Paul Sycamore

The husband of Penelope and father of Essie, Paul Sycamore is in his mid-fifties but has a youthful air. His quiet charm and mild manner are distinctly engaging. He is a man who lives for his fireworks–the ones he manufactures in the cellar.


Alice Sycamore

The daughter of Penelope and Paul, Alice is a lovely girl of about twenty-two. Because she is a secretary in a Wall Street office, she is in daily contact with the world and seems to have escaped the tinge of mild insanity that pervades the rest of the family; however, her familial devotion and love are readily apparent.


Ed Carmichael

The husband of Essie, Ed is a nondescript young man in his mid-thirties. However, he has two passions: the printing press and the xylophone.


Tony Kirby

The boyfriend of Alice, Tony is a personable young man not long out of Yale and Cambridge. Although he fits all the physical requirements of a boss’s son, he is something of the idealist, invoking in him a certain fondness for the Vanderhofs.


Mr. Anthony Kirby

Tony’s father and Alice’s boss in the Wall Street office, Mr. Kirby is successful, and he is very disapproving of the Vanderhof family and his son’s engagement to Alice.


Mrs. Miriam Kirby

Tony’s mother, Mrs. Kirby is of the same mind and temperament as her husband.


Boris Kolenkov

Essie’s dance teacher, Boris Kolenkhov is a hearty, explosive Russian ballet-master.



Rheba’s boyfriend, Donald spends a lot of comfortable time at the Vanderhof home.



The maid in the Vanderhof household, she probably understands this unusual family better than anyone.


Mr. De Pinna

Years ago Mr. De Pinna was delivering ice to the Vanderhof home–and just decided to stay. Now the mad genius of pyrotechnics helps out Paul in the cellar.


Essie Carmichael

Essie is a pixie in toe-shoes. At the age of twenty-nine, she wants to be a dancer in the worst way–and, according to any unbiased observer, that is exactly what she is.


Wilbur Henderson




Gay Wellington




Grand Duchess Olga Katrina



Director: George Crowl

Main Stage production

Must be available for all shows!


Thursday, April 20 @ 7:30

Friday, April 21 @ 7:30

Saturday, April 22 @ 7:30 

Sunday, April 23 @ 2:00

Thursday, April 27 @ 7:30

Friday, April 28 @ 7:30

Saturday, April 29 @ 2 p.m. & 7:30

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