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October 27-30
November 3-5

Marc, Serge, and Yvan are three middle-aged men who have been friends for fifteen years. They feel they lack opportunities to meet new people and sustain new friendships, so their courtesy towards and their tolerance for one another’s quirks and affinities have been worn raw. Serge is smitten with his acquisition of a new painting. It is a modern art piece (white on white) for which he paid two hundred thousand dollars. Marc can’t believe that his friend bought such a painting for so much money. Marc could not care less about modern art and believes that people ought to have a few more standards when it comes to determining what is good “art”. Yvan gets caught in the middle of Marc and Serge’s arguments. Yvan has his own problem with planning a wedding with “bridezilla”. Yvan tries to turn towards his friends for support only to be ridiculed by both Marc and Serge for not having a strong opinion in their war over the painting. The play centers on a confrontation among the three strong personalities. A piece of art, a visual and external representation of inner values and beauty, causes Marc, Yvan, and Serge to question themselves and their relationships to the core.

Winner: The 1998 Tony Award for Best Play; The New York Drama Critics Circle Award f or Best Play.

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Director: Marlo Holsten

Second Stage production  (dessert theater)

Tickets: $15/$10  (free coffee/tea & one dessert per person)


  • Saturday, August 27 @ 10 a.m.

Roles: 3 – ages 25+   (male)

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