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Extra! Extra! The Musical

June 22- July 1

Audition Information

Ah, showbiz! What compels someone to be a film or television extra? Dreams of fame and fortune? One rung on the ladder to stardom? Rubbing shoulders with Hollywood A-listers? Passion? Obsession? Boredom? Bills? Join a group of “waiting” extras and enjoy their wide range of unique stories in monologues, scenes, and songs. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be discovered!

Director: Mitch W. Butts
Audition Information:
• Friday, April 7 @ 6 p.m.
• Saturday, April 8 @ 10 a.m.
• Callbacks (if needed), Tuesday, April 11 @ 6 p.m.
I am looking to cast about 15 actors of various ages. Roles call for the casting of various ages; I need ages 16 – 70…(although, anyone can audition…who knows…you might get a part.
All roles are available.
I need a pianist. The position is paid.
This is a musical, so I will need to hear actors sing; however, most of the songs are sung in groups. You do not have to be a great singer…or even a good singer. I’m looking for characters.
This show also includes movement during most songs. If you can walk, then you’ll do fine.
Extra, Extra features monologs about struggling actors who just need that one break. Everyone will have a monolog…but most will feature additional actors filling various roles for the speaker.
This play is not like anything you’ve ever done before.

A few specifics I need are:
• A male (preferably) who plays guitar and sings (soft country style)
• Two females very similar in appearance
For auditions, prepare:
• A short story about yourself and something that happened to you (funny, light-hearted…maybe even a little sad.) You can tell me about a time you tried and failed, a time you expected something to happen, and it didn’t, a time when something of someone unexpected happened, your first crush, your first kiss, etc.
• Be prepared to do some simple stage movement.
• Be prepared to sing a few lines from a song. Don’t try to impress me by singing something with notes you cannot hit. Keep it simple and sing what best suits your voice. Again…I’m not looking for everyone to be a great vocalist. If you are, great. If you’re not, then it’s fine also.
• Sides will be provided.

Main Stage production

Tickets: $20/$15

Thursday, June 22 @ 7:30

Friday, June 23 @ 7:30

Saturday, June 24 @ 2:00 & @7:30

Sunday, June 25 @ 2:00

Thursday, June 29 @ 7:30

Friday, June 30 @ 7:30

Saturday, July 1 @ 2 & 7:30

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