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Established in the autumn of 2005, Magnolia Arts Center was founded with the mission of creating a comprehensive arts organization to serve Greenville and the surrounding areas. For over 17 years, Magnolia has delivered a myriad of plays, musicals, and special events. We invite you to explore our upcoming events in our 2024 season.

Ten years ago, a train collided with a school bus, killing the second-grade class of Spring Farm, Illinois. The only student not on the bus was Emily Book, who was sent away shortly after the accident happened. Now she’s back for her senior year of high school–the only senior at Spring Farm High. Not only is Emily trying to negotiate her way back into a community that doesn’t know how to receive her, she is also carrying the burden of the accident ten years before.





  • Weds. April 10 @ 7:30
  • Thurs. April 11 @ 7:30
  • Sat. April 13 @ 2:00 & 7:30
  • Sun. April 14 @ 2:00
  • Fri. April 19 @ 7:30
  • Sat. April 20 @ 2:00

Director: Aloysius Franklin

General $20.00  Seniors/Students/Military: $15.00


Teen Improv Summer Workshop

June 24-27       9 am-12 noon

Fee: $175         Led by Julie George

15 percent discount ($148.75) if enrolled by June 1st

Attention all teen performers! Looking for a fun way to spend some of your summer break? Want to hang out in a cool theatre space with other theatre kids for a few hours? Sign up now to attend a four day workshop focusing on Improvisation, Script Analysis, & Playwriting at Magnolia Arts Center. This workshop will include improv games & scenes, analyzing scenes & monologues, as well as give you the opportunity to write short, original scenes that will be performed at the end of the workshop!  Break up the boredom of summer with some fun improv & a chance to perform your own original work for your families and friends. Sign up now and we will see you at the theatre this summer!

Fractured Fairy Tales: Adventures In Pantomime and Improvisation

July 22-26        10 am-12 noon

Fee: $150         Led by Janice Vertucci Schreiber

15 percent discount ($127.50) if enrolled by June 1st

If you have ever read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs or Honestly, Red Riding Was Rotten, then you have read a fractured fairy tale. If you like the idea of turning traditional fairy tales on their heads, then sign up for this summer workshop at the MAC! In this workshop, participants will romp through a creative process as they learn to develop the skills needed to grow as an actor. Our concentration will be pantomime which will demonstrate creative growth in the use of their bodies. We want participants to learn that the body can speak volumes. The improvisational work will develop the use of their voices and take their imaginations on a true quest.! Possible fairy tales to be fractured are Rumpelstiltskin, King Midas and the Golden Touch, and The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Come join us for our summer journey at the Magnolia Arts Center!

The Art of Auditioning and Acting

July 22-26        2 pm to 5 pm

Fee: $200         Led by Janice Vertucci Schreiber

15 percent discount ($170.00) if enrolled by June 1st

Before you get the opportunity to act in a play or musical, you must audition. Auditions can vary from being in-person which may simply be you and the audition team or a group of hopefuls and the audition team. We also now have video submissions for auditions and reels. Musical Theatre auditions have even more demands. Part of this workshop will be devoted to preparation for different types of auditions and strengthening audition skills.

The acting portion will focus on the Michael Chekhov technique. Chekhov’s goal was to train our imagination and our body to inspire each other.  New ideas generated during the workshop will challenge, and enhance the young actor’s instrument and imagination, and, perhaps, it will even enrich his/her ideas about the world.

Registration for all three workshops Available Now! Click on the Ticketing/Events tab.

Check Out Our 2024 Season!

The Magnolia Arts Short Film Contest is underway. Submissions are now open! To find out more click the button below.

Upcoming Events

The Sparrow–April 10, 11, 13, 14 & April 19, 20

The 39 Steps–May 15-19 (to date)

Auditions for Jesus Christ Superstar–May 31 @ 6:30 pm; June 1 @ 10 am; June 2 @ 2 pm

Teen Improv Summer Workshop (Summer Camp for 13-18 year-olds)–June 24-27

Fractured Fairy Tales: Adventures in Pantomime & Improvisation (Summer Camp for 8-12 year-olds)–July 22-26

The Art of Auditioning & Acting (Summer Camp for 13-18 year-olds)–July 22-26

Jesus Christ Superstar–August 7-11 (to date)

Auditions for A Grand Night for Singing–July 26 @ 6 pm; July 27 @ 10 am; July 28 @ 2 pm

Auditions for Ebenezer–A Christmas Carol–October 4 @ 6 pm; October 5 @ 10 am; October 6 @ 2 pm

A Grand Night for Singing–October 17-20 (to date)

Ebenezer–December 4-8 & December 11-14




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Frequently Asked Questions

What hours are you open?

Since the Magnolia Arts Center is an all-volunteer organization, we do not keep regular operating hours. Please call 1-888-622-3868 if you would like to stop by, and someone will call you back.

Do you offer discounts for students, seniors, military, etc?

Yes, we offer special pricing for seniors, military personnel, and students.

Do you have wheelchair accessible seating?

Yes, we reserve our first row for wheelchair accessible seating. If you would like to know more, please contact us.


“A very popular venue to enjoy local and beyond plays. There is a foundational group of skilled actors and new faces also. The seating area is small and right up to the stage. There is an intimate bond between audience and performers.”

“The best community theater that I’ve seen in many years. Bravo!”

“I love the variety of the productions at MAC. Musicals, kids’ shows, serious drama—MAC provides it all.”

“I have been really impressed with the amount of local talent present in MAC’s plays. Who knew we had such talented people!”

“One of the things I enjoy most about the activities at MAC is that you are always seeing new faces. Truly a community effort.”

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